Aneska was originally founded by Mrs Anna Harri, who inherited her passion for the art of creation and beautiful design in her early childhood. She was born and raised in an artistic family  in southern Poland, where she witnessed the wonder of colours changing during the seasons, and where she soaked in the appreciation for traditional handcrafting. Anna was under a special influence of her beloved grandmother, her true authority. She was the one who taught Anna to take the first steps in the world of fabrics and influenced her personal style, which is all about chic, grace and elegance.

Curious about the world, Anna took a tour around Scandinavia shortly after graduating from her high school. She loved it especially in Finland, where she has found love, peace and quiet. She has built up a home in the northern forests of the Finnish lands, where little and bigger rivers run fast, where water has a deep blue colour, where aurora borealis lights up the winter sky. It is where she has lived for more than ten years.

Anna made a career in the Finnish health sector. She saw healthcare as nothing but an art of human body. During her work, she kept on creating new ideas and projects for the future designs. She wanted to create products which combined luxury elements with health promoting materials.

She decided to resign and pursue her dream instead. She put all her energy into creating something unique that would bring forward the most extraordinary ideas, without any compromises. The goal was to present an exceptional collection, where quality comes with style.
Aneska’s unique line is the finest means of preserving the heritage of her grandmother.

Aneska is a lifestyle brand offering fashion accessories and interior decorations. Each product of Aneska’s collection has been carefully designed by Anna Harri herself, and made with precision by true craft artists from Poland, the Czech Republic, and Italy. Each item is handmade, which raises the quality of the product, makes it special and very unique. Here at Aneska, we believe that the joy of creative work, premium quality, and excellent customer service are the corner stones of a successful business.

Aneska’s interior decoration collection is very luxurious, dedicated to elegant homes and offices. Products made of 25 micron silver give a sophisticated touch to the beautiful finishing of extraordinary spaces.

Aneska’s fashion collection includes unique items made of premium materials with a luxurious feel. In the process of making, the rarest and finest fabrics have been used to satisfy even the most discerning customers.

All items in the Aneska collection are the products of the slowly disappearing art of handicraft. We work only with family enterprises with a long tradition. Our suppliers are exceptionally talented artists, and most importantly, they share our ethical values. By this, we understand integrity, diligence, loyalty, honesty, and respect for others and for the environment.

It has taken us a long time to find the right craftsmen who would meet our expectations. We always emphasise the importance of quality – this is why we pay special attention to the reputation of enterprises we cooperate with, their history, and excellent skills. At the same time, our suppliers are responsible for delivering our services. Together, we take care to ensure the high quality of the products in our offer, which we continuously improve to guarantee our customers’ satisfaction for long years to come.

Aneska’s idea is the result of love for nature and humans. This is a combination of two elements which we want to treat with the highest respect. Our mission is to bring satisfaction, improve health and please the eye, by creating unique, exceptionally rare products with very fine materials. We are proud that we can offer you products that have a positive impact on your health and at the same time are exclusive and beautiful. The essence of their uniqueness is visible in each product in Aneska’s collection.