The most important element that influences human wellbeing is good sleep. It can be easily reached, while using premium quality bedding. We would like to offer the best quality to our consumers, so they could sleep well and support their health simultaneously.

Aneska great selection of organic pillows and duvets are made 100% of alpaca wool. The collection is hand crafted according to the highest standards. Alpaca wool is proven to ease the process of falling asleep. It helps relieve back pain, reduce muscle and ligament inflammation, even helps to treat circulatory system disorders and arthritis.

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Our Collection

  • Alpaca wool is six times warmer than sheep wool, and still extraordinarily light and fluffy, soft and durable. It can be used all over the year, as alpaca wool lets the skin breathe, and is water and sweat resistant.

    Aneska’s great selection of organic alpaca wool pillows and duvets should be handled with care. Only dry cleaning is allowed. The Aneska duvets made of alpaca wool are 100% handcrafted. Water could damage the natural structure of alpaca wool, which may lead to its shrinking.

    Alpaca wool comes in 22 natural different colours, from white to black. Aneska uses only white and very light brown, exceptionally soft baby alpaca wool, to create the ultimate collection.

    Aneska guarantees its customers the best quality. Therefore, all products in the organic alpaca wool collection are 100% handcrafted.

    Pillows and duvets are being produced continuously. Estimated delivery time from 3 to 6 days. Please remember that in case of great amount of orders, delivery time may take up to 21 working days.

    Ordinary duvet sizes we are offering: 150 x 200cm(1200g alpaca wool filling) and 210 x 230cm(1750g alpaca wool filling)

    We offer our customers ordinary sizes in the Aneska bedding selection.

    However, we also offer you a possibility to order non-standard sizes. We will be glad to make them to our customers’ special order within 7 to 21 days. The estimated time of delivery of special sizes is long, as the products are original and handcrafted. All Aneska pieces from the alpaca collection are handcrafted, which means that no machines are used in their production.

    Each item ordered by our customers comes with a beautiful, original bag, in which we place a piece of authentic, natural baby alpaca wool. This is the same wool which we use to craft our products. The customer is unable to see inside the duvet under which they sleep. Aneska makes it possible for the customers to have a closer look at the wool under which they snuggle.

    This addition also gives the customers a chance to feel the softness and fineness of the authentic baby alpaca wool.