Our Selection

  • Exclusive blanket made of cashmere – high quality, extraordinarily light and fluffy wool; a synonym of luxury and comfort, very soft and pleasant to the touch. Cashmere is one of the most expensive natural fibres.

    This wool has a wonderful property of moisture absorption (even up to 30% of its weight), without giving the impression of being wet. Wool is a healthy raw material, friendly to human body. Wool fibres are highly responsive to changes in the ambient temperature. They shrink when it is cold, and expand when it is hot. In this way, wool keeps you warm in winter, and protects you from sweating and overheating in summer.

    Thanks to the high quality merino wool (maximum fibre diameter and hygroscopic properties), each blanket made of sheep wool stands out with its excellent softness. Therefore, it is suitable for children, as well as adults and older people.

    Regardless of the line and blanket size you choose, rest assured that you will be able to wind down after a day at work, and get relieved of stress, pain and fatigue, as the sheep wool blanket softly massages your nerve endings.


    Material: Cashmere/Merino Wool
    Color: Natural White
    Sizes: 140 x 200 cm; 160 x 200 cm; 180 x 200 cm; 200 x 200 cm; 220 x 200 cm
    Product care: Dry clean recommended